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25mm Offset Rack Spacers


Designed to prevent over centering on high steering angle drift cars our 25mm offset rack spacers move the inner tie rod 25mm forward from the steering rack center line

This will prevent your steering from getting stuck on full lock or "over center" as it is called

The spacers come with locating tabs and locate into the steering rack to prevent them from spinning or loosening 

Care must be taken when tightening the inner tie rod as these tabs can be sheared off if you do not hold the spacer with something like a pipe wrench or stilson while tightening 

When installed the spacers should point directly forward and NOT in any other orientation. If the spacers do not point forward then two recesses will have to be cut in the rack for the locating tabs to mount the spacer in the correct position. This is a common occurrence and an easy fix and depends on the year of manufacture of your steering rack

Allen head mounting bolts included

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