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Designed for the high end Professional teams utilizing 2 fuel pumps to feed high horsepower engines


This is the ultimate fuel system for any competition car


Your fuel system is extremely important, not only for making power on the dyno but proper fuel supply under "G" loads in actual competition will prevent starvation which could cost you an engine

Kits are available in both AN -6 and AN -8 depending on your horsepower needs

If you are unsure about what fuel setup is best for you please dont hesitate to contact us

Kit consists of:

D-Mac Pro Fuel Cell

2x Bosch 044 Sytec 4 bolt mount

2x Male Bosch Inlet Adapter

2x High Flow Billet Fuel Filter 30 Micron

Rollover Vent Valve
4 of  -8 AN pump feed fittings
Fuel return fitting to sump
90 Degree Forged low profile fitting for vent
2x Bosch 044 outlet adapter
2x 90 Degree fuel feed fitting
Hose separators to run hoses neatly to the engine 
"Y" block for fuel single fuel feed if perferred
9 or 12 metres of Hose, Braided Stainless Steel (9 meters if using a "Y" block for the feed or 12 meters if running 2 feed lines to the fuel rail popular with V8's )
1 meter of -6 AN Hose, Braided Stainless Steel (for fuel cell vent line)
Kit is supplied with and without fuel pumps
This kit can be done in a few different ways with different "Y" block sizes so please contact us and we can help you with your application
The final price of your kit may very from the price given due to hose specs and fuel system demands

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